Living Chapters is a project about taking risks, seeking personal growth, and saying yes to what life throws at you.

Make a list of everything you have ever thought about doing in your life and then set the list on fire. Take out your five-year plan and then rip it to shreds. Ask yourself ‘how do I get to the place where I want to be?’ And ‘how do I become the person that I want to be?’

Living Chapters takes a look at how letting go of the outcome or destination can really lead you to the place where you had originally wanted to arrive at. It is a process in which the journey of self discovery is about the observation of personal and universal habitual systematic patterns. Take the time to stop and think what actions are yours alone and which actions are given to you by the environment, society, or people around you. What are you choosing to be and do and what are you habitually falling into. Make a space for yourself to really observe and examine the true nature of what you are without all that you have and do . Living Chapters gives you a peak at one person’s attempt at looking at these questions and testing them by experimenting with life itself.

Living Chapters is an experiment that I created in 2013 to see if I had the courage to really let go of the bucket list mentality of what life should be and fully look at how life actually is when I allowed it to take me where I needed to go. I created a structure (see the roles and the rules page) that would push me out of my comfort zone, asking me to live in a way that would allow minimal free will while at the same time asking that I follow a path that had been laid out for me.   Within this structure of my own rules and guidelines, I took guidance from the people I loved most in my life as a way to let go of the self imposed “have to” list that I believed would lead me to the life that I thought I wanted. Using my life itself as an experiment in living, both planned and spontaneous events occured throughout the year. Without judging myself or worrying about what was the right or wrong thing to do I learned to respond and react in a uniquely personal way. Taking monthly guidance, I responded with my own intentions and my own creative intuition. I lived, laughed and struggled in the same way that all others do but I did it without the judgment that I had given myself in my earlier life.

Living Chapters is an experiment in living without judgment and living without fear of failing. It is a process that utilizes a network of friends and family to assist in the discovery of self-assesment and underlying authentic truth. The year-long project documented in this blog was just the tip of the iceberg in what I see as a lifelong process of observing one’s own perceptions and patterns. In the upcoming year, I intend to continue the experiment and process in a new format.

Stay tuned and Thanks for reading, Beth Barbush

To learn more about how and why this project got started read the Prologue

Listen to Baltimore Radio Producer Aaron Henkin interview Beth Barbush and the Living Chapters players here

For a Summary of all 12 chapters of Part One start here

To learn about the rules and the roles in Part One check out this page: Players and the Roles and the Rules

© Beth Barbush 2013


photographs by: Emily Wheat

 If you have questions, comments or feedback please post ideas directly to the blog or fill out the contact form below.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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    1. Beth Barbush Post author

      Fantastic! The project has kept me so busy that the one thing I have not done is promote or share this work widely…any help I could get with this or ideas would be useful. I know your blog is a great resource for this!


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