Monthly Archives: January 2016

Hey 2016… How we doing?

This first week of January each year is, for many, a powerful time of transition and   expansion. For others it can simply be recovery from all the excessive work/play of the holiday season.  Either way,  its a good time to utilize the collective energy and effort to move and feel into a new shift or a fresh outlook in your own way.

A friend reminded me this week, that it is not always about the “what” you are doing and planning for the days ahead.  Sometimes it is more important to focus on the “how” we are doing and feeling right now. Without understanding the “how” we are doing or functioning in the present moment, we may never reach or accomplish that long list of the “whats” that we want for the future.

A key to new starts and beginnings is to remember that we can do this at any time and in any moment.  Pick your own calendar date, set your own intentions and let your own desires, abilities and capabilities lead you onward. It’s easy to get swept away on the bandwagon: “What are the best ways to spend our days?” It is still up to us to remember and distinguish the importance of  how we want to spend them.