Chapter Summaries


Chapter Summaries for Living Chapters Part one:

Chapter one: Theme Body and Kinesthetic

The Writer
Joe Gall
Read Chapter one here

The Wild Card
Aaron Heinsman
Read the Wild Card challenge here

Chapter two: Logic and Order

The Writer
Gabe DellaVecchia
Read Chapter two here

The Wild Card
Anita Bhorjee Delahay
Read the Wild Card challenge here

Chapter three: The Environment

The Writer
Andy Cook
Read Chapter three here

The Wild Card
David Mitchell
Read the Wild Card challenge here

Chapter four: Existential/Spirituality

The Writer
Amy Rothstein
Read Chapter four here (note this chapter unfolds in weekly assignments)

The Wild Cards
Agnes and Grace Lichtner
Read the Wild Card challenge here

Chapter five: Purpose/Meaning

The Writer
Emily Wheat
Read Chapter five here

The Wildcard
Doug Sadler
Read the Wild Card here

Chapter six: Interpersonal Relationships

The Writer
Laura Burns
Read Chapter six here

The Wildcard
Aaron Henkin
Read the Wild Card here

Chapter seven: The Environment

The Writer
Ashley Duffalo
Read Chapter seven here

The Wildcard
Dave Schott
Read the Wild Card here

Chapter eight: Interpersonal Relationships

The Writer
Max Von Duerkheim
Read Chapter eight here

The Wildcards
Aliza Ess and Lee Bobb
Read the Wild Card here

Chapter nine: Existential/Spirituality

The Writer
Seth Fertenbaugh
Read Chapter nine here

The Wildcard
Alexis Vasilos and Brian Buta
Read the Wild Card here

Chapter ten: Theme Body and Kinesthetic

The Writer
Dawn Bennett
Read Chapter ten here

The Wildcard
Howard Shure
Read the Wild Card here

Chapter eleven: Purpose/Meaning

The Writer
Dena Wentz
Read Chapter eleven here

The Wildcard
Myra Margolin
Read the Wild Card here

Chapter twelve: Logic and Order

The Writer
Elizabeth Brady
Read Chapter twelve here

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