October Creations

Before this month of making and creating is over, I would like to take the opportunity to share some amazing creations made by the Living Chapters players.  I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by incredibly talented and creative individuals my whole life.  I am constantly inspired, motivated and supported by them. This post features work from the participants who have helped make Living Chapters what it is.
The featured drawing here is from chapter writer Amy Rothstein.  For me this drawing embodies my own feelings about the act of making and creating. I feel it can be a vulnerable, scary, yet sometimes empowering experience. We give life to an idea, or seed – caring for it and seeing it through to its existence and then let it go.  It is a process we all engage in, in some way.  In this post I want to honor those around me who take on this challenge in their daily lives.

Chapter 5 Wild Card: Doug Sadler

In addition to being a great writer and an award-winning film maker, this month’s Wild Card, Doug Sadler, is the creative director for The Pocket Media Group. PMG represents a uniquely flexible model for creative promotion through the development of original multi-media content. Take a peak here to see how PMG’s creative thinking can help promote and connect people to products and ideas.

Chapter 4 Writer: Amy Rothstein

Amy 3Amy 2
This October, Amy has been busy making new artistic works. Below are a few examples: Of her work she says “I make my art to make peace with what I cannot know or understand.”
Amy 1

Chapter 4 Wild Cards: Agnes and Grace Lichtner

Olive Oil costumeGraces friendship bracelets
This October Agnes has been creating costumes and treats for the season. Check out her “Olive Oil” costume above and her creepy and gross party snacks of chocolate mice and turds! Her daughter Grace has been busy making new friends by making friendship bracelets.
Outside of Agnes’s festive and creepy creations, She has been developing EYE-C (Enhance Your Existence Center) A life nurturing network that offers information about educational and experiential opportunities for developing and enhancing your limitless potential for healthy living. If you are interested in learning about holistic and healing arts visit her emerging collaborative organization here.

Chapter 3 Writer: Andy Cook

You may have learned a bit about Andy’s passions for environmental issues through the “Cap and Trade” challenges he posed in chapter 3 of Living Chapters this past summer.  Please take a peak at his new web series “Greater Yield” to see how Andy is using his creative talents to educate and inform larger audiences about these issues.
Greater Yield is a web series for CoLab Radio aimed at exploring the myriad benefits of urban agriculture in cities throughout the U.S.  Using video, photography, and writing, the series highlights urban agriculture projects that are tackling challenges as diverse as public education, neighborhood revitalization, green job growth, and public health.  The series also includes perspectives from multiple experts in each subject, to give a holistic sense of how urban agriculture is changing life in our cities beyond simply how we eat.

Living Chapters Project Manager: Moira Fratantuono

group 2 samanround 1 preg
When Moira is not organizing or creating spaces for others to be creative and make connections, she is working on independent creative projects of her own. She recently started to work on a series of photos/essays that explores themes of identity for first and second-generation Americans.
The goals of her latest exploration “Dual Identities” are to move past sterilized political debates over immigration. The project focuses on the personal experiences of individuals whose citizenship redefines what it means to be “American”.
Moira is currently working on developing content for a blog that will feature a new story each week. She is now looking for participants to be interviewed as a part of this project. Are you someone who could represent the immigrant experience? If you would like to participate or know someone who would, please contact Moira through the Living Chapters Facebook page or Livingchapters@gmail.com!
You can view more of the here: Dual Identities.
I thank all of the Living Chapters participants for sharing their works of creation this month.  If you have any questions about any of these projects or want to get involved please do not hesitate to contact them through me here on the Living Chapters blog.
Just finding this blog today? Read more about the Living Chapters project here.

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