chapter 10


Theme: Body/Kinesthetic

Getting out of your head & getting it done!


This month I know you face a lot of changes as you make plans for an
island life.  It’s time to be physical and get things done!  You will need a lot of energy for your tasks at hand:  packing, organizing, etc. That being said, every other day I’d like you to spend at least 15 minutes to raise your heart rate.

This should be done before starting your day. Do this before turning on your computer, doing anything for anyone else or getting involved in your day-to-day life.  Elevate your heart rate by any method you choose. Make the exercise something simple that you enjoy, i.e. walking, running, jumping, swimming, anything that you feel comfortable doing with out thinking about the activity.  Something that is repetitive might work best for this. I’d like you to focus your thoughts on what you will accomplish each day while you are elevating your heart rate.   This will get your blood moving and allow you to clear your thoughts and make a plan for each day.

Good luck!


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