May Writer’s Response



Here are some thoughts for you:

I have been thinking a lot about purpose.  Questing some things.  Trying to dig a little deeper into the theme of purpose and living intentionally.   Purpose could mean taking your talents and using it to what you love.  It could also mean that it’s important to consider where you are and live intentionally in that place.  Purposefully.  Understanding that every season is meant for a reason.

I recently went to Starbucks and on one of their java jackets staring right at me had this Oprah quote:  “Follow your passion.  It will lead you to your purpose. “

What a great gift to get such a perfect quote during this month!  I thought that this was perfect.  When in doubt, do what you love!  When you’re sure, do what you love!  Passion=Purpose!

Sounds great, right?  Perfectly easy, right?  Well…

What if?  What if you can’t do what you love to do right now?  What if you can’t abandon all because of current responsibilities, other needs, or financial limitations.

If you go back to thinking about Thomas the Train, a train is only as good as its track.  Being slightly off track doesn’t mean you can’t find purpose in what your doing.  If there is a crack in the track causing you to stall, re-evaluate.  Fix it.  Take a different way.  Go another way.  Sometimes there are delays.  That’s ok.  Stay focused.  Stay positive.  Consider options. Don’t get inpatient with the detour.  Enjoy the view.

– Dena


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