miracle and wonder

“The way we look to a distant constellation that is dying in the corner of the sky – these are the days of miracle and wonder and don’t cry baby don’t cry.”
– Paul Simon The Boy in the Bubble

  The Maestro has been speaking quietly to me throughout this project sharing songs in a subtle and supportive way to complement each of the month’s themes and/or challenges. This month however the song he chose speaks loudly and clearly to me. I wanted to highlight and share it. I have been listening to Paul Simon since I was an eight year old little girl. His mythical lyrics and primal rhythms felt more like gospel to me than anything else at that age and still ring true to me today.  I have turned to that album Graceland often in times of struggle or in times of happiness. Music itself has always been an uplifting or spiritual connection for me.

Alexis and Brian were spot on for reminding me that sound vibrations are a great tool for tapping into that connection – whether it’s in personal meditation or in community and group sharing sessions. I loved their beautiful description of what chant can be and how it can be so helpful in learning meditation: “the aural broom, sweeping away any thoughts and worries”.  Many prefer silence for meditation, but I find a constant rhythm, a chant, or the sound of waves or wind to be a perfect point of focus for a wandering mind such as mine.

And now is a time when my mind is wandering again, I am making another transition.  My days on the island have been full of miracle and wonder, but my time in St. Croix has come to an end for the moment. My last few days on the hill before heading stateside have been spent primarily in my backyard garden of Eden, listening to my Paul Simon gospel and building upon my personal mediation visually through images and auditory through practicing the rhythm of chants Brian and Alexis have passed on.  Spring is the perfect time for new vibrations, growth and change.  I am looking at this new season and transition as a new opportunity to make space for all of those things sprout forth.

These are the days of Lasers in the jungle – lasers in the jungle somewhere.

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