logic lesson # 2

2013-05-14 13.36.02IMG_2958

I come to the end of this week feeling a little fried like my overloaded Macbook laptop must feel when it freezes up with that spinning rainbow wheely thing demanding that I stop what I am doing and take a break. “TIME OUT please!” it warns me “something is not working properly”.

Well I’ve spent these first few days of July spinning in circles myself dealing with a variety of  faulty operating systems. My mother’s health, our healthcare system and my computer’s external hard drive all failing at the same time was enough to almost send me into my own personal system shutdown. But before this happened, I heeded the spinning wheel’s advice and took some time out.

I am feeling much better now after a relaxing Independence Day. I hid out with The Confidant who provided me with a beautiful backyard, a fire-pit and a sympathetic ear. Our conversations calmed me down and reminded me of a couple common sense logic lessons that I’ve practiced successfully in the past.

Sleep: Trying to do anything with little or no sleep causes meltdowns. Sleeping is not only useful for a clear head in stressful situations but also great for creativity, better health, patience and productivity. (This rule goes for my computer too – it also needs rest from time to time)

Focus: Focusing on one thing at a time is much less overwhelming than taking on everything at once. Looking at challenges one at a time is rational and actually doable.  Oh, and letting go of the things that are out of my control is also a great way to focus and finish the things that actually are in my control. That’s a fun fact to try to stay focused on – give that one a try!

So after indulging in some good sleep, great conversation and good food over the holiday, I am ready to focus in and jump back into portfolio creation. In order to also give my computer a proper rest (and buy some time to fix my external hard drive) I revamped Gabe’s schedule for the process and created some new goals for his deadline dates.

First I will focus on all the descriptive writing that needs to be done for all main pages and work themes. (July 10th) Then I will dive into descriptive writing for all sub pages and projects (July 17). This hopefully will give me enough time hack into my hard drives, sift through, edit and organize my images. (July 24) And then finally upload a sampling of images that best represent all the work that I have described. (July 31st) woah… wish me luck!

I was somehow was able to make Gabe’s first deadline this past week and created a url and basic wire frame to build upon. www.bethbarbush.com

Check it out! There is nothing there now but you can watch as I progress and build upon it. Design and functionality is key! Your eyes and feedback on this will be very helpful. Looking forward to hearing your suggestions as I develop the site. I’m gonna need them…especially with editing down those 10,000 images!

2013-06-09 17.14.31
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